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Tom French splits his time between the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands from his home in Potsdam. More information about his writing can be found at Tom-French.net.

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  1. Gerret says

    Maybe 20 years ago I skied the cloud spin. It’s the kind of run where you look at your feet and you see the lodge. Like Tom’s adventure once was enough.
    A few weeks ago I was at Whiteface and my brothers cajoled me to go up that lift, saying we were going to take the quote easy way down. As if. Thankfully I didn’t have to go down the slides but this other damn trail was pretty steep and narrow.

    Otherwise it was a fun two days skiing at Whiteface in the snow was nice and I enjoyed my 75-year-old self on the slopes.

    • Tom French says

      Hello Gerret — Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope I’m able to still ski when I hit 75. Sometimes my buddy, Doug, and I discuss when we should stick to the blue groomers.

  2. Jeanne says

    I learned to ski at Whiteface! So much fun! Back in the day we didn’t have access to the slides & Essex & Mountain Run & Cloudspin were our Runs! It’s a great mountain. ORDA should NOT make trails wider and remove trees for the sake of RACING! Global Warming is real & they should listen to our scientists like Bill McKibben!! We need those trees! We rarely get decent snowfall as it is. Leave the trees on Whiteface Mountain!!

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