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  1. Sheena says

    I love working as a HHA I currently work for HCR, before I was a CNA. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything. These people need us and are not ready for a nursing home environment. I hope more people are willing to become HHA and see how rewarding it truly is.

  2. Joan Grabe says

    As a strong supporter of MercyCare I can echo everything written in this article. The way to attract home health workers is to encourage empathetic young people to enter the field as we do with potential nurses. Then we keep them in the field with decent salaries. The Medicare pullbacks need to be reversed and more state and federal funding must be provided to help aging citizens stay in their homes. As a student nurse I spent 3 months as a Visiting Nurse in the Bronx. It was an eye opener and a heart breaker. I cannot imagine being old and isolated in a rural setting, ill or in pain. We must advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors, friends and family and improve the level of service.

  3. Kevin Defayette says

    I have had the pleasure of working within this realm for many years, many of which has been in an administrative capacity. This article eloquently captures the immense reward gained from providing this level of service while illustrating how critically beneficial the support is to those who struggle to stay living in their home. Sadly, the funding for the programming is typically below livable wage earnings and the caregivers often have their own subsequent struggles. I genuinely admire the dedication and commitment of these unsung heroes and will always advocate for funding increases, enabling Home Health Care organizations to adequately attract and retain consistent providers.

  4. Steve Samuell says

    It was great to see this article included on the front page of the Times Union today (1/13/20). As a subscriber, I am happy to support this high quality journalism in the Adirondacks and it is exciting to see it shared across the capitol region through your work with the Times Union.

  5. KATHY says

    This is the way it should be, so the elderly can live out thier lives at home in familiar surroundings. My only thing is I wish that they could get more hours from their aides. I was an aide years ago and it was truly rewarding.

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