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In a career rooted in watchdog reporting, Explorer editor James M. Odato has been cited as one of New York’s top journalists covering state government, gambling, and abuse and waste of public money. He has written thousands of articles, his byline has appeared in numerous national publications and his investigative stories have spurred reforms. As a staff reporter for five daily newspapers, including the Albany Times Union and Buffalo News, Odato has received more than 30 awards from the Associated Press, New York Publishers Association, the New York Legislative Correspondents Association and other media organizations. In 2007, Investigative Reporters and Editors recognized his reporting with the Freedom of Information Award Medal. In October 2021, the University of Massachusetts Press released his book, This Brain Had a Mouth, Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation.

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  1. Boreas says

    I seriously doubt Newcomb will be able to attract another PA at that salary – let alone an MD or DO. COVID has pushed many health care workers into early retirement, so demand is high. Newcomb should at least consider providing free housing at that salary level. You only buy a house once.

  2. Billy says

    Perhaps there are multiple options available. Given that the last sentence said he would still be willing to work 1 day and backup the full timer, perhaps they could negotiate to see if he would be OK with doing 2 days on call (that is, no or few regular appointments, just being available if someone needed help).

    If that was feasible, they could then be more likely to find someone who is OK with a more normal 5 days/week schedule.

    Another alternative might be to recruit a couple other people from those who have also “retired”. You might find several who would be willing to work a couple days per week and being retired (with whatever money they have from their time working) would be less dependent on the additional income.

    I know of a situation locally with a dentist that did just that (went back to working 2 days per week) as he missed seeing patients, and he had moved to this area from downstate NY so he can work those couple days and be available for family in the area the rest of the time.

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