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  1. ADK Observer says

    These people need a smack of reality, and hopefully they’re gonna get it when they lose the appeal too. At this point they are just embarrassing themselves! Like a bunch of school children fighting over a sandbox. This controversy has been formulated by a very specific group of people and “environmental groups” all with conflicts of interests, agendas, and personal vendettas. They have multiple “projects” going on in the Upper Saranac of similar substance, orchestrated by the same individuals. Unfortunately, Leinwand and Cicarelli are the ones that are the losers in the end because they will soon realize that the insanity is just beginning. The people in this specific area aren’t normal. They’re extremely small minded. Many don’t ever leave the area, so they don’t have any familiarity with the outside world and how people interact. They have an unfounded superiority complex and entitlement not only to the area but to control of other people in the area. And they can’t lose. If they don’t get their way, they’re going to turn to small town justice where they have the connections to undermine this family in other ways, insidiously, and with little oversight. The only way to fight back is to know what you’re dealing with, invest in good security, and don’t put up with any of their shenanigans!

  2. LeRoy Hogan says

    According to the following quoted statement, there are people believing it is their right to trespass on others’ land creating increased noise, light and environmental impacts on that private land and not the right of the actual owners of that land. WOW!

    “The Kerns and the others stated that they would no longer be allowed to use informal walking trails across the vacant lot and that there would be increased noise, light and environmental impacts.”

  3. nathan says

    a Better septic than those of existing homes…. shared septic but built to not be. Such entitled group of jerks, They can develope and live on their lot, but someone else cannot.
    Kern’s cannot trespass as they liked to do on someone elses land. Grow up!!!

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