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Mike De Socio is a freelance journalist based in upstate New York. He covers cities/communities, climate change and the LGBTQ community.

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  1. Stuart Alan says

    Bravo on another excellent, fact filled article on this important topic.

    Specifically, thank you for mentioning that NY lake temperatures are increasing, and in themselves constitute an enormous threat for fueling Algae Blooms.

    It would be helpful to add the correct historical context to help readers understand where we are, and where we are going:

    Lake Temperatures in NY are now 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than in 1980. And while it took 40 years (1980 – 2020) to gain the FIRST 4 degrees, the NEXT 4 degrees may be gained by 2030, or in only 8 years ! Therefore, NY lake temperatures may very well be 8 degrees above 1980 levels by 2030, only 8 years from now. This increase in lake temperatures is ACCELERATING Rapidly, and we are not anywhere near planning for this reality.

    This publication could do a lot more to educate the region and policymakers about this growing threat to the Adirondacks, our tourism, recreation, property values, happiness, and entire regional economy.

    Thank you Mr. De Socio, and the editors who chose to publish this article.

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