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  1. Art Klein says

    The nature of declining physical activity would encourage the economic benefits of restoring the rail line.
    In itself it would be a money maker and designed and managed wisely could develop and perpetuate economic benefits to the area.
    I bicycled and x-c skied most of the open trails in the area of Tupper Lake area and no trail for either was crowded. The areas outside the high peaks has room for increased winter use.

  2. LeRoy Hogan says

    Over 5000 miles of trail in NYS is not enough. About 100 miles of tourist rail in NYS is way too much. The amount of trail needed is infinite.

  3. Brian Sullivan says

    Thanks for updating your readers on the latest chapter on this loong-running debate. I was struck by the statement that there are 14,000 snowmobiles registered in Old Forge. That sounds like a lot of snowmobiles for a village with a population of only 756 (per the last US Census. Can we get a fact check on this?

  4. steve morris says

    I think tearing up rails is a failure to look to the future.Rail trails can co-exist with train tracks.The danger to snow-mos can be addressed by some modification to the rail bed.
    Trains will be needed in the future as climate change ,the gradual demise of the private automobile, with concern over fossil fuel, makes efficient travel and transport more important.

  5. Scott Thompson says

    Not sure this report is entirely accurate. Most speakers and the entire crowd reject the bulk of the States plan in favor of the trail going at least to Big Moose. Just listen on Utube.You can like what you like, but I would debate anyone the economic benefits of making the connection.

  6. Boreas says

    Something that occurred to me the other day was this: If the Utica-Remson-TL segment becomes very popular with rail uses, won’t it logically extend to all 4 seasons? If so, what economic impact will that have on snowmobiling and the Town of Webb if the rails now become unusable throughout the winter? Has Town of Webb looked into this scenario?

  7. Jeremiah hogle says

    I agree that the rail need to be removed I recently bought a new sled this season, and went to Stillwater useing the rails, doing so I struck one of the transitions track that were covered in snow. This damaged my sled by breaking a rail arm which is going to cost me money to replace. Removing the rails will be safer for snowmobilers and cyclists alike.

  8. Larry Roth says

    While the plan this time around looks a little better, there are still major flaws in the assumptions it is based on. The comment period isn’t over and there are some critical points that need to be raised.

    Stay tuned.

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