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  1. Scott Locorini says

    While I’m glad that the state has opened some regions to guided fishing the decision to guide or not to guide is tough. Some regions do have local clients who can “recreate locally” while others do not. Some guides are in a position where they can afford to sit back for awhile while others aren’t. If we decide to guide, the most important thing we have to do is follow the required operating guidelines to keep ourselves, our residents and our clients safe.

    Scott Locorini
    President- New York State Outdoor Guides Association

  2. Lillian Antoci says

    I also feel it is too early to reopen the Adirondack. My family and I usually go camping in the Adirondack, but not this year. I have seen so many people complaining about wearing a mask and many already do not wear one. Too many people are risking other people’s lives. I know when we go camping we see people coming from all over the state and I do not see how all those small towns, which I love so much, will control the virus from traveling with them. Remember, some do not show symptoms. Whether it is camping, just touring the small towns and local attractions, I can see all those unmasked faces and hands everywhere. That is what is so scary.

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