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  1. bob melia says

    Can you tell me a bit more about the federal and state grants received to complete the project .

    I chair a Rural Housing Organization in the Catskill area. and we are seeking to do something similar

  2. An Adirondack Resident says

    “At the same time, many long-term rental landlords have experienced growing challenges dealing with tenant issues.”

    I know of a couple of landlords in my area who have given up on long term and converted to short term in part because of this problem. The laws are so stacked against landlords that it’s just not worth it. For example when the federal government decreed during COVID that no one could be evicted if they didn’t pay their rent, the burden fell on landlords. That was just plain wrong.

    The lack of affordable housing is one of the most serious problems facing Adirondack residents, What is the APA doing about that??

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