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Stephen Leon, a freelancer based in Albany, covers various issues for Adirondack Explorer. Previously, he was editor and publisher of the Albany alternative newsweekly Metroland. He can be reached at stephenleon7@gmail.com.

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  1. Boreas says

    Why do we have to wait for a celebrity or other famous person to contract or succumb to a disease before anyone takes notice? Anyone approach the Gates Foundation?

    Tick-borne diseases are nothing new – but their distribution is changing rapidly. Rather than focusing on tick distribution (which we are likely powerless to change), CDC should be intensively studying the diseases they spread. It could take decades (if ever) to find any effective control for the spread of ticks in a changing climate. Federal, state, and private funding for education, diagnosis improvements, treatments, and hopefully, vaccines should be the priority.

  2. Susan Belloff says

    I read this very worthwhile article first in my hard copy of Adirondack Explorer magazine. I found it very informative as to the information about ticks in our area as well as further proof of climate change and very upsetting in that the funding to such important research has been cut.

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