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  1. nathan friend says

    Should our children grow up never hearing a bull frog??
    Wasn’t silent spring coming to pass a warning?

    Fishing in the adirondacks used to be amazing and abundant, easily an hour of fishing was dinner for a family. In the 1970’s acid rain Literally sterilized almost every mountain lake in the adirondacks. the acidification reduced the fishes ability to breath and lakes literally over a period of 5-10 years, lost everything from fish, frogs, crayfish. The lakes became silent spring, there were no longer bullfrogs in spring croaking away, the loons no longer sang as there was no food to attract them. We supposedly fixed acid rain (but yet almost every lake is still dead). Now global warming, sewage and farm run-off is killing the very last of the big lakes like champlain, lake george, ect. Yet we drag our feet to save what little of wild life is left.
    fish have become almost extinct is all the waters of the great wilderness of the adirondacks, yet we argue to do nothing!

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