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Stephen Leon, a freelancer based in Albany, covers various issues for Adirondack Explorer. Previously, he was editor and publisher of the Albany alternative newsweekly Metroland. He can be reached at stephenleon7@gmail.com.

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  1. Mark Blevins says

    Wow how times have changed. I lived in Plattsburgh from 82-88 and remember making many trips to the Adirondacks. In those days you could hike for days and never see anyone. Now you have to take a number, find a parking spot and wait in line on some trails. Glad I got to enjoy the real wildness the Adirondacks has to offer, before the outdoor crazies took over.

  2. Lillian Antoci says

    I know how you feel. They said go outdoors during the pandemic, get fresh air and that is exactly what people did. Now there are too many people, too many cars, too much noise, and too much trash. People are coming from everywhere. Imagine opening the Canadian borders again on top of all the overflow of instate visitors coming to the Adirondack, I can imagine what a nightmare it will be. More crowded parking lots, trash, destruction. Where will all these people stay? It is crowded as it is. It is not wild, quiet, secluded, and peaceful anymore. You have to book things way in advance now. It’s a tourist attraction and that is bringing problems along with it. It is sad.

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