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  1. Greg Petliski says

    Heilman II is awesome, and so is the kid with him. Having done the Eagle myself, I can say that safety wise, its no joke. The exposure is real, a slip up there is probably ending in a hospital or a morgue. But the beautiful thing about Adirondack rock is its toughness and grip. Theres never a reason why one would fall, unless you were being completely careless. I couldnt believe how easy it was to prance up the slide (in climbing shoes, but I’ve seen folks do the same in tennis shoes), only slowing down for the headwalls. But you can literally walk upright for almost all of it. In fact, the most dangerous part of the trek is the bushwhack up the stream bed, especially since hurricane Irene is 2011. So many huge piles of blowdown and boulders, and tons of loose sandy soil on the sides, bringing all the more debris down as you ascend Roaring Brook. But all in all, this is the most fun you can have on rocks without being roped up.. even more fun, I feel, because you are truly connected with the mountain. Its just you, your feet, and the rock.

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