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  1. Boreas says

    “To build every trail in the Adirondacks to this standard right now, we clearly do not have the capacity to do that,” said DEC Region 5 Regional Forester Rob Daley. “And I would say that we really don’t need to build every trail in the Adirondacks to this standard now. We would certainly incorporate principles of sustainable design. That’s what we want to do going forward. That is what we plan to do.”

    While I understand the immense job of properly upgrading the trails in the HPW, I am not sure this is a good path forward – even temporarily. Hardening/revamping trails that obviously need to be re-routed is a money and manpower expenditure that will be discarded when the trail is eventually re-routed.

    An audit needs to be done ASAP to identify which trails MUST be re-routed due to grade or wetlands as large projects. Other level/low grade trails that need simple hardening, do just that. But given the number of HPW trails that have lengthy section over a 10% grade, rerouting should be a major part of future trail planning if sustainability is desired.

  2. Tom Paine says

    Sure do hope we have a count of how many trees are cut down per mile. Let’s have no double standards.

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