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  1. P.L. says

    This is a sad state of affairs. The lack of respect for such beautiful gifts for all to enjoy for free is maddening.

  2. Raney Lang says

    Why was it locked in the first place? Most of the other towers are open and nobody steals their maps.

  3. Raney Lang says

    Why was it locked in the first place? Most of the other towers are open, but do not have this issue.

    Now they’ll use this as an excuse to lock the rest of them…

  4. Marcia K,. says

    When I hike the Adirondack trails I am grateful for the cleared blowdown, the stone work that offers me stairs to climb, and the tree trunk walkways out of the mud. Folks I’ve never met have spent hours so I can have a great day in the woods. It’s disappointing when I find fire tower doors locked, but I am privileged and blessed to enjoy the view from the stairs.

  5. Jeanne says

    My husband and I love the very, very few maps that are available at fire tower summits. We always carry maps to enjoy what we are seeing. The nerve of some inconsiderate idiot. A shout out to all… who may want one. Just …..simply …. buy one!!

  6. William Colucci says

    I’m afraid it probably won’t be found nearby. If someone has the ability to break the lock, and haul that thing down those stairs they won’t be bothered by a 1.5 mile trek back to their car.

    I remember seeing two men walking into Puffer Pond with a quarter keg and two 1.5 liter bottles of wine. In all fairness, I was carrying about 500m of good bourbon, but I transferred into a plastic flask…to save weight :-).

    Luckily the second lean to was open!

  7. Vanessa B says

    This blows! How the hec would they have gotten it down the stairs? I know there are drone rules, but a drone in just this instance could help search along the trail if it was tossed. The glass (assuming it’s intact) will reflect sunlight and be seen via the air, imo

  8. VTJohn says

    Welcome to the New Adirondack Park. I’ve been enjoying it for 40 years. I’ve noticed a huge change in the last five. And not a good change. This is what too many people bring. Did / does Saranac Lake really need two five story hotels? Lake Placid was a zoo the last time I was there.

    And now Paul Smith’s College might be up for grabs?


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