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  1. Boreas says

    I am glad to hear this work is nearing completion!

    I didn’t realize bridges were being replaced – I thought it was just culverts. I wonder if the bridges were damaged due to the storm, or if it was just a good time to replace/upgrade them with the road closure. Not many details from DEC.

  2. Rick Guior says

    I applaud the work to be done. Any idea when the rest of of the road will be repaired so as to get paddlers closer than 3.5 miles to the ponds?

    • Boreas says

      The article states late this year, which means effectively next spring for paddlers. But who knows? The bridge work has likely been the main hold-up.

      • Rick Guior says

        The article states: “The current work will open Gulf Brook Road to the Fly Pond parking area, which is about 3.5 miles from the ponds.”

        But in connection with the rest of the road, all I see is: “Additional work will have to be done to open the lots closer to the ponds.”

        So, yeah, who knows.

        • Boreas says

          I agree – few details. I was under the impression the worst-hit area was the newer “upgraded” road surface in the section closest to the highway, and beyond the Fly Pond parking area received less major damage. I assumed the opening of the first 3.5 miles meant essentially the entire road will be opening, but I see your point. Who knows what they mean by “opening the lots” – perhaps they are just talking about small, pull-over parking spots that were yet to be completed when the road opened initially?

          So what does this mean? Full automobile access to Fly Pond, then NO access beyond (due to construction safety), foot traffic only beyond, or full access beyond? Probably won’t find out until the snow melts.

  3. Laura Scollon says

    It’s nice that they are doing all of this work but they failed to consider horse traffic. The stone they used for the road is not suitable for horses hooves.
    Hopefully, once it’s opened up the public won’t ruin it like they are on other trails in the Adirondacks. The beauty there is so pristine right now.

  4. Bob Sweet says

    Will the bridges be completed for the 2023 paddling season? What is the best access as of this Spring?

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