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  1. Dave says

    It will be fun in the future to compare usage of this trail vice how many times a train runs between Utica & Tupper Lake or even Old Forge & Tupper Lake. How many times did it run this year? Once I believe! Are they going to beciome that grand passenger service they all harpped for, I doubt it! Be we’ll see who is surviving in 5 years & who continues to suck taxpayer money to survive.

  2. Worth Gretter says

    “In the fall of 2022, the state Department of Transportation began to remove the rails. That process took about a year.”
    So here we are in fall of 2023.
    No-one told me!

  3. Lisa sciacca says

    Why are they working on 3 parking lots! Hope they do not pave them. I bike and see bike areas barely used. Best to complete the trail and see the actual use. Also, there are plenty of parking areas along the trail. Taking down trees and paving is not keeping athe Adirondacks forever wild.

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