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  1. Jon says

    I am really happy to hear about this observatory. The lack of light pollution in that area makes it ideal for something like this, certainly. I look forward to visiting some evening! Great job to all who made this happen!

  2. craig says

    Dark skies should be abundant through the adirondack
    park,however getting community leaders to support a
    dark sky program has been sketchy,at best.i have been
    trying for years to get the mayor of saranac lake to dim
    those village lights. no luck,no way. it seems advantageous
    to have a dark night sky? it’s better for the ecology, makes
    money for a village,saves money to use less electricity.
    please get with govs. dark night sky program. stop wasting
    the natural resource that is a beautiful,dark night sky?
    limit the use of night lighting.

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