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A New York native, Izania has her bachelor's degree from RPI in sustainability studies and is currently a student at CUNY's Craig Noonmark Graduate School of Journalism, where she's focusing on engagement journalism.

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  1. Joan Grabe says

    Why does the government make utilization of such a good program so difficult ? It defies logic ! People eating locally grown food which benefits both the grower and the community and using a federal program to encourage better nutrition in financially disadvantaged families. Throw in a whole bunch of regulations and a card reader and additional fees. I saw a booth in the Saranac Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturday with someone available to explain how to use the system. I hope it was utilized.

  2. Bill Keller says

    It has been my experience that “farmers markets” are more expensive than the local grocery store. Maybe that’s another reason for low SNAP spending.

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