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  1. Jay Harrison says

    Thank you, Don and Phil.

    The “almost singlehandedly” remark does skew the history. I may have stuck with it the longest, but the list of “partners in climb” that have had a hand in Crane’s development form a veritable alphabet soup, from Ben “Bombardier” Brooke (never stand below his projects) to Val “V-ger” Bachinsky (Trekkies will get the reference), and beyond. Thank you to those who have lent a hand, scoured one, two, or more routes. Here’s to another year of gettin’ dirty and finding vertical gold!

  2. Kevin says

    Awesome writeup! Don’t forget Jamie McNeil, who put up some great routes just around the corner at Black Arches. And Tom Lane, who ‘s put up a couple of my personal favorites. Definitely a hardy crowd and great people.

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