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  1. Thank you, Don and Phil.

    The “almost singlehandedly” remark does skew the history. I may have stuck with it the longest, but the list of “partners in climb” that have had a hand in Crane’s development form a veritable alphabet soup, from Ben “Bombardier” Brooke (never stand below his projects) to Val “V-ger” Bachinsky (Trekkies will get the reference), and beyond. Thank you to those who have lent a hand, scoured one, two, or more routes. Here’s to another year of gettin’ dirty and finding vertical gold!

  2. Kevin says:

    Awesome writeup! Don’t forget Jamie McNeil, who put up some great routes just around the corner at Black Arches. And Tom Lane, who ‘s put up a couple of my personal favorites. Definitely a hardy crowd and great people.

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