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  1. Tony Oehler says

    I’m still dumbfounded over the missed opportunity for ADK to purchase the Matsen House at Upper Works. I still would like to know how ADK showed interest, but the property ended up being sold to a private buyer.

    • George says

      Masten House would have been ideal for the club. In meetings with them, they felt it out of reach price wise. But now they have 3m to drop on Cascade?

  2. Vanessa B says

    100% endorse. I hope they work it out – it’s a great location for ADK, the grounds are awesome, it would take people out of the stacked sardine cans that are the HPIC parking lots and into front(er) country. Plus they could build whatever infrastructure they want. Get that cafe out of the trailhead area – ok fine, I’ve eaten at that cafe and maybe keep it. The point is – this would help build some much-needed infrastructure without needing to be prickly re state regulation. Plus this purchase would keep a local business local. I am not sure there are many businesses that can otherwise afford asking price right now, given the COVID economy.

  3. AdkDoug says

    Years ago I remember the Jubin family applying to the town for a zoning variance to allow them to operate year round. As I remember that was denied. Has that changed? Can the facility be operated all year under current town zoning?

  4. Zephyr says

    ADK having an information/hiker center on Rt. 73 would be huge! Seems like the state should have some money to invest in this project one way or another since it could be a tremendous asset in managing the hiker crowds.

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