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Zachary Matson has been an environmental reporter for the Explorer since October 2021. He is focused on the many issues impacting water and the people, plants and wildlife that rely on it in the Adirondack Park. Zach worked at daily newspapers in Missouri, Arizona and New York for nearly a decade, most recently working as the education reporter for six years at the Daily Gazette in Schenectady.

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  1. Todd Eastman says

    Permit the re-building only on the existing footprint at this point. After a rigorous capacity study, if the study reveals no adverse impacts, the marina proponents could then apply to expand the footprint. That expansion should then be subject to the permitting process for that. If the capacity study reveals adverse impacts from additional slips and boats, no expansion.

    • Paul says

      You don’t need an APA permit to re-build. It’s all grandfathered (or whatever the politically correct term is).

      • Todd Eastman says

        If no substantial changes are made to the marina, re-build on the current footprint for thew time being and let the the capacity study determine whether additional slips can be permitted.

        • Paul says

          Rebuilding on the old foot print is closer to wetland areas and less environmentally friendly. It sounds like they are trying to work with the APA and do the right thing.

    • Paul says

      Todd are you thinking that an extensive capacity study will show that a large lake that has almost no development (and is state land and can’t ever be developed) can’t have 58 more boat slips?

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