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    • Tom French says

      Hello Rich — Thanks for reading the piece and commenting. According to new sources, the Bog River Hilton was originally upriver from Winding Falls (Pa’s Falls), but moved south (twice) after the state acquired the property. This would be a left turn if coming up the Bog River Ski Trail. In the article, we took a right at the Round Lake Outlet Bridge, and the Hilton would have been between the two bridges. Half-Assed Camp, according to my sources, was to the left (at the Round Lake Outlet junction). More to come as one of the relatives from the Hilton has reached out to me as a result of the article.

  1. John L Quinn says

    Great article Tom. This area is a special place to me. I certainly would be interested in learning about the persons memorialized by the stones since I hit a dead end trying to find information on it. Let me know if you need help finding the other markers near Round Lake Outlet.

  2. stanley zeh says

    Outstanding story!…I’ve camped at Horshoe Lake..Hitchins Pond..and Low’s Lake, I’m fascinated by The Low’s family legacy, and so much more to see and learn about. Looking forward to more. Many thanks.

    • Tom French says

      Hello Stanley — Thanks for reading the piece and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s been interesting for me, especially when one of the descendants reached out. I’m looking forward to following up. Perhaps we will discover what happened to the stones, but unfortunately, I do suspect malicious activity.

  3. stanley zeh says

    It’s a shame that the two smaller stones have vanished, a mystery for sure. Hope it wasn’t malicious. Very interesting.

  4. Dave Zachar says

    I was part yof the half-ass Hilton hunting club. The grave stones represent where Mokie Costello (Herb Costello), his fatherl, and Gary Bigelow ashes are laid to rest. Mokie’s dad passed away on a hike into camp. Mokie was a teacher from Hudson Falls and Gary was a teacher at Queensbury. Other members were Tom Yole, Bob Yole, Matt Atizio, Dave Zachar and Dave Cannavan. Eventually we had to move the camp because Finch and Puryan Paper Company sold the tract of land to the Adirondack Conservency.

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