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Tom French splits his time between the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands from his home in Potsdam. More information about his writing can be found at Tom-French.net.

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  1. O. Perry Tooker IV says

    Hi Tom, as a Professional Land Surveyor I share your enthusiasm every day on every new project. Finding that monument is all worth the effort. Take a LS with you on the next trek and record some good GPS observations. Good luck!

  2. George L says

    Another way to approach the Great Corner is to paddle down the Middle Branch of the Oswegatchie, from a point where the river meets the Bear Pond Road (at the end of its public portion). At some point downstream, the river becomes rocky, which signals that it’s time to pull in on the right and bushwhack the rest of the way — through forest, not swamp. On the return trip, it is possible to paddle upstream for most of the way back to the original put in. The route is clear on any topo map. The river becomes extreme whitewater, but that is well below the portion of the Oswegatchie used to get close to the Great Corner. I should mention that I was with two professionals who gave me confidence.

  3. Greg S says

    Great narrative. A couple of friends of mine and I are searching in the Gore Mt region for Colvin monuments and have been successful. One of the guys is a retired surveyor which is a big help.
    Good luck. You’ll get there.

  4. Rodney says

    This is exactly the kind of article that the Explorer needs more of. And less nimby treatises from the likes of Peter Bauer.

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