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    • A trailhead parking lot user says

      If the accused men are convicted, they should be required to pay full restitution within 1 to 5 years in addition to receiving full criminal sentences.
      If these crimes had occurred during the winter, there should be additional endangerment charges as well some sort of sentencing enhancement if available.

  1. Ronald Turbide says

    In the mid seventies I was serving on the Board of Governors of ADK and while attending a meeting of the board at JBL, had items stolen from my vehicle in the Garden parking lot. There were several vehicles with damaged doors in the parking lot. State Police, who were there investigating, told me that it was very unlikely that they would ever find the culprits. After all these years it is indeed heartening to hear that at least some of this type of criminals has been apprehended.

  2. Tim says

    Street justice of snapping every one of their fingers back tends to stop this type of behavior. Seen it happen before, very distinct sound. It works!

  3. Jon says

    The alleged criminals should not be given much, if any, leniency if convicted. The range of crime locations suggest a fair amount of premeditation regarding the nefarious deeds.

    • Tom Paine says

      Remember, NYS is the land of bail reform. They no doubt received an appearance ticket and are already back out on the street. They will receive a slap on the wrist in court and perhaps at most be ordered to pay restitution. Don’t hold your breath for justice.

  4. Dan says

    I had some straps for my canoe stolen from the back of my truck at the long pond site a few years back. Good thing I had extras or else I’m not sure how I would have secured them for the trip home.

    Glad to see these people getting caught. I like to think it was the same people.

  5. Michael J London says

    Anyone parking a Tesla at locations like this should be sure to enable Sentry Mode. Those cameras are constantly recording, especially when a person approaches the vehicle.

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