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  1. evan clermont says

    i think that they should keep the dam but make changes to it like not make it as big or if they can find a different and effective way of creating hydroelectric power or can find a different place to put it that doesnt effect the salmon so much because weve been breeding lots of types of animals which isnt the best for its species and its causing economic problems to.

  2. Dawn Slubowski says

    I think they should leave it there and build a fish ladder. They can make there energy some where that they wont bother any animal. The fish ladder I think should be paid for by the owner. He was the one who is causing the problem.

  3. Quinn Roth says

    In my honest opinion I believe that the damn should be removed and moved to a different more effective location where it doesn’t harm the natural environment of the salmon as drastically. I think that the owner of the damn should pay for all the problems that have been made and build the damn over again in a better location. So, basically in conclusion my ideas of this plan may feel extreme, but I believe it will be very effective.

  4. Dana says

    I think that we should leave the dam there, but also insert a fish ladder along with it. Fish are as much important as electricity, or maybe even more so. If they install a fish ladder for the damn, everybody wins. Bu of course, there’s money. I think the DEC, and anyone else who is so intent on allowing the salmon upstream, should pay the money.

  5. George Dejesus says

    I think the DEC should keep the dam and make the fish ladder because then it’s fair for everybody, Fish would be able to get to past the dam and it can also stay. Although I also think since the DEC basically owns the dam, they should pay for the fish ladder.

  6. Colby W. says

    I think they should keep the dam and make a path way designated for the salmon or have some sort of system with some workers to grab them and put them on the higher level of the dam.

  7. Daniel Alexis says

    I think that the DEC should leave the dam there, but make a ladder or a path so the fish can get through. It would cost less money than taking the whole thing down, and the fish would still get to the Saranac River safely.
    I also think the DEC should pay for the fish ladder, because they pretty much own the dam.

  8. Elijah Adams says

    I think we need a fish ladder we should make a fund raiser so we can all pay for the fish ladder and when it is built we can have a big festavil

  9. sophia amaya says

    I think they should leave the dam there, but make some way like a path or tunnel so the fish can get through. it would be less expensive than to take the whole thing down. they should just make a few changes and they would be good.

  10. Carlos Taylor says

    I believe that we should add the fish ladder. This could help solve many problems. The fish ladder would help the fish breed, would increase the population for the fisherman and keeping the dam would help businessmen looking to use the electricity. To pay for it, maybe they could hold a fundraiser to help with the cost of it. The fishermen and citizens who want the fish ladder could also volunteer to help install it. Maybe if everyone works together their problems will be solved.

  11. matthew s says

    i think we should place a fish ladder so that the salmon can travel to the other side of the dam. if we place a fish ladder there, the city won’t flood, and the salmon can go up and downstream. if we removed the dam, the city would become ruins.

    • rickyg522 says

      Are you a hydrogeologist? I can’t imagine a returning the river to its former natural state will result in “ruin”.

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