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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Chuck Samul says

    i bought a 14′ Kevlar from Peter 10 years ago. it is far and away my favorite in my fleet for impromptu paddling. my Impex and Wilderness kayaks are great boats, but they weigh almost 50lbs, and some days the prospect of lifting it onto the car top is a disincentive to getting out on the water. some of the best moments i have ever had out on the water have been in my Hornbeck. Rest well, Peter

  2. David says

    Several nice tributes to Peter Hornbeck have been published recently in “Small Craft Advisor” magazine and “Messing About In Boats” magazine.

  3. Naomi Rose says

    You nailed it–I loved this whole article that spoke to my experience.
    I had the smallest and lightest and it was perfect for me. I could do it by myself into my 80’s.
    Now it belongs to my grandson and has found a new home in Kentucky.
    A life changing experience from the moment I walked onto the Hornbeck property till I put it on the roof of my car.
    Thank you all.
    Naomi Rose

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