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  1. Robert Bennett sr says

    I never knew Mr. Hornbeck but, it didn’t mean that he hadn’t touched my life in a meaningful way. My good friend had purchased 2 of his canoes. One a original from back in the 80,s the other a more recent blackjack I believe. We have used these quite a few times, always having great time camping on islands. I,m hopeing that someday maybe these will be left to my girls as my friend has no children and they have enjoyed them numerous times while camping on his island. I’m so sorry fir his family but I hope they know he gave my family and many more endless hours of outdoor fun and adventure.

  2. Stephen DuBrey says

    I knew Pete! He was a good man! The Adirondack s lost a true legend!
    As the Repoman of the Adirondack s I traveled many times past his shop!
    One day I stopped by and he was gracious enough to take me to the shop and explain his boat building!

    I had start my journey building a cedar canoe and wabt his advice on building
    a carbon fiber drift boat!
    He gave the information I needed.
    He explained to me how to build the plug(the model) it was a task to large for me personally but his knowledge of boat building was amazing . As a Adirondack Guide myself I had great respect for Peter. Thanks for sharing his story.

    Stephen DuBrey

  3. Suzanne says

    I met Peter last year, once to try out a boat, second to buy and pick up boat and third time for minor adjustment to my husbands boat. We ate lunch at his house(he asked me to bring him Sahlens hot dogs and Weber mustard from Buffalo), he gave us a tour of all his buildings, took us for a walk to his cabin on his property and took us out to lunch to a small quaint place in olmsteadville. He was easy to talk to, you felt like you knew him forever and his stories were vast and funny. Rest easy Peter, we will think of you paddling this summer

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