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  1. louis curth says

    Kim Elliman is part of a generation of dedicated conservationists who have applied their energy and expertise to the noble cause of open space preservation with good result.

    Residents and visitors who turn to the Adirondacks, the Catskills, and other green spaces of New York State for respite from an overcrowded world are forever in debt to Kim and so many others who determined efforts have preserved a lasting legacy for us all.


  2. David Gibson says

    Lou Curth has expressed it well. Tim Rowland writes so well about it. What an important eco- legacy Kim Elliman’s leadership at Open Space Institute leaves the entire Adirondack community, its residents and visitors from all over the world, and its more than human community, too – the wild, the plants, trees, and the wildlife.

  3. Joe Martens says

    Kim is a conservation legend and one of the highlights of my career was working with him at OSI. He’ll be missed at OSI but I know his conservation work will not stop on retirement; there are still chapters to be written about his environmental legacy.

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