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  1. Lawrence An Garrett says

    It’s obvious the board forgets who feeds the businesses in Old Forge. I’m always not impressed by any leadership who doesn’t have a plan for a problem that has been present for a long time and instead just takes the uneducated route. Thank God for Walt’s Diner. Only reason we stop in Old Forge.

  2. Neil Satterly says

    The move to ban overnight docking on the Old Forge village docks is draconian. As to the article headline referring to a fight, why does there have to be a fight?

    We’ve made reservations at the Forge Motel and planned to dock the boat for five days as we have done in the past. We would gladly pay a docking fee and we would embrace a limit of a week to keep docks open for others. Seems the board doesn’t care to consider options for visitors like us and sees the only way to address abusers is to punish everyone. I agree that the abuse has gone on for many years and needed a solution but a ban is not the only solution and it is shortsighted.

    Seems we live in a time where problems and positions need to be fought over instead of worked on collaboratively, and solutions can only be had with extreme outcomes. I hope this decision will be reconsidered.

  3. Patrick Gruenauer says

    Over night parking should be for the Motel guest only. Purchase a permit from the welcome center right there by the water. At least by night time you will have a spot. I brought my boat once never again.

  4. Warren says

    I am an annual visitor and would gladly pay for a one week permit to dock. Without any option, people like me will be pulling boats in/out on a daily basis creating a lot of congestion around the boat ramps. Seems like a better solution could be reached, one that actually results in revenue to the town.

  5. phil mc mahon says

    The town made a very short sited decision with the new docking regulations. Old Forge is a tourist town and needs to keep the town that way to survive.
    Without some kind of temporary overnight parking, people will take their boat else where. If you travel to Inlet NY to put you in the water you will spend your money in Inlet and around 4th lake. Not to travel back to Old Forge.

    Very bad decision

  6. Ernest Christopher says

    Hi, we have been coming up to the Old Forge – Sixth Lake area for over 30 years with our family and enjoyed it. We also bring our boat. We came to Old Forge to spend several days at the Forge Motel Sept. 1. I soon learn the marina was closed and no over night docking allowed. I saw the signs for no overnight docking. I had no place to put my boat in or dock it overnight. You had the over night dock issue for years that should have been addressed long before. I think there could have been a better solution to the problem than what you did. Most people will pay a reasonable fee for launching and docking, but the town does not have the space or desire to do so, so we will be looking further up North for better accommodations the next time we come up. We just stayed one day and came home. Old Forge is not the same without our boat.

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