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Stephen Leon, a freelancer based in Albany, covers various issues for Adirondack Explorer. Previously, he was editor and publisher of the Albany alternative newsweekly Metroland. He can be reached at stephenleon7@gmail.com.

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  1. Len Dano says

    I visited Tupper Lake for two weeks, is as my family tradition. Other than masks, nothing has changed. As outsiders, we were welcomed guests. We will never shy away!

  2. Shane says

    Don’t be too excited at the prospect of city people deciding to work remotely from the ADK. Many of the places, from which they came, are the result of the horrible politics for which they vote. It won’t be long before they do what they did back there. They use money as influence, and soon the hamlets and villages have parking garages and are gentrified beyond the already difficult ability for current residents to survive. Lake Placid lost a lot of its alpine charm in the mid 00’s.


    If we could get rid of the rail and develop a rail trail from Old Forge to Lake Placid there would be a regional attraction bigger than the Adirondack Railroad (not even honorable mention here) and bigger than Olympic history. The biggest tourism opportunity for generations and the State is choosing the wrong and foolish plan.

  4. Maureen Lamey says

    Rail trails are great but the railroad benefits a wider range of people , small children and older folks , My husband and I are from pa and go to old forge once a year we adore that town!! Hopefully by the grace of God and us people following guidelines we will be able to once again afford the wonderful things these great places have to offer!

  5. Scott thompson says

    Love PA folks, stay safe and keep coming up to the area, we’ll try to be here to serve you. Still disagree on the RR corridor past Old Forge. Lots o other ways to travel, but we need all the attractions we can get and the Rail Trail would be that all year where the Train has been…………well has been.

  6. Susan says

    Totally agree with Sjm. Get rid of the “diversity” crap and leave us alone. If you want “diversity”, go to you nearest blue big crap hole of a city.

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