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  1. richard sullivan says

    Good morning , I am a land owner of approximately 100 acres of forest land . I would like to do a sustainable cut on my property done by a reputable logger . Tax incentives on Federal , State and local levels will encourage forest owners to do this type of cut for a healthier forest . Streamlining any current process of obtaining tax incentives if any would encourage land owners to take proper care of their forest . Thank you Richard S.

    • Joe Kozlina says

      This talk about cutting of the forest to make it healthier is a bogus claim by the forest industry. When Columbus landed our forests were in a pristine state without mans help. Forest conservation should be about conserving the trees, not cutting them down. I do believe we need to harvest trees for mans need for lumber, and what should be made clear when talking to a forester/logger is that he is interested in making the most money for the federal, state and local govts. What we need is a tax break for the forest land owners so they can keep their woods intact so as to capture the carbon that we so desperately need to save our planet. I own 423 forested acres in the Paradox area hoping that laws will be passed in order to help me and my family keep it unlogged for all generations. We have to capture carbon. This is a brilliant way of accomplishing that task. Lets go NY. HELP THE FOREST OWNERS KEEP THIER TREES!

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