Norman Ridge: A favorite Adirondack spot for Jen Kretser

Jen Kretser, from Vermontville, is an example of an Adirondacker who traveled the world and then returned to the place that inspires her. “It gives me the strength to do the work that needs to be done and the work I want to do,” she said.

The blueberry-laden field she took us to at Norman Ridge is behind her childhood home, where her parents still live. It has awesome mountain panoramas, and the trail leads to a lean-to built by her father where family and friends congregate for campfires.

“I grew up here running around catching snakes and building forts,” she said. “I just feel really attached to this place.”

Kretser is director of programs for The Wild Center.

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Tracy Ormsbee is publisher of the Adirondack Explorer. When she’s not working – and it’s not black fly season – you can find her outdoors hiking, running, paddle boarding or reading a book on an Adirondack chair somewhere.

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