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  1. rumrum says

    the sophistry put forth and then swallowed by the bleating sheep has come to a boiling point. If one takes the time to look back decades ago, the same nonsense was being spewed then, yet NONE OF WHAT THEY TRIED TO SCARE YOU WITH HAS COME TO FRUITION. not even the warming!!!! wake up oh tools of the global cabal , who want o control your lives. there is no thermostat for the globe. one day of watching tony heller utube will make you understand.

  2. roger dziengeleski says

    The article over simplifies the role of forests in carbon management. It looks only at carbon sinks and not at other factors such as the role forests play in keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Using biomass to offset gas, oil and coal keeps carbon stored underground there, in addition, the amount of fossil fuel used to harvest trees is considerably less than what is used to mine gas, oil or coal. Additionally, solid wood products manufactured from harvested trees store forest carbon for long periods of time while new growing trees absorb more carbon. The Adirondack Council should spend more time encouraging small houses, clustered zoning laws and in general keeping forests as forests rather than advocating not to manage forests and harvest trees. Such policies do way more to reduce carbon emissions and keep even more fossil fuels in the ground.

  3. Peter says

    “Matter can not be created or destroyed”. The trees that absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis give off carbon dioxide when photosynthesis stops and when they die and rot. I live next next to a wilderness and wild forest, there are many rotting trees because the forest is not managed but ignored. Gifford Pinchot believed in managing to have a healthy productive forest.

  4. Richard Olson says

    Whomever thinks there is “heat trapping CO2” is practicing
    make believe. The CO2 molecule does not have the ability
    to trap heat or raise the temperature let alone change the
    climate. CO2 has not increased atmospheric temperature for
    the past 500 million years. Physicists describe the notion
    of CO2 causing climate change as a fictitious mechanism never proven scientifically in our freely convective
    atmosphere and violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Best be preparing for a projected Grand Solar Minimum (NASA agrees) within the next 10-20 years – may have already started.

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