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  1. David Gibson says

    Gwen notes the 1941 amendment to the Constitution authorizing Whiteface Mtn ski area. A 1987 amendment also passed the voters authorizing up to 25 miles of ski trail, and increasing their width, up to 200 feet in width, so long as there are no more than 5 miles of trail of 125 ft. or wider. ORDA is saying that the latest proposals are staying within those limits.

  2. Kyle Blemicco says

    With these MTB trails, does this include Lift Access to them? Effectively bringing back Down Hill Mountain Biking to the Whiteface region?

  3. Kyle Blemicco says

    It would be great to have real Down Hill Mountain Biking competitions at Whiteface. We lost the Snowboarding World Cup, why not get a UCI event and put Whiteface on the map for DH MTB?

  4. Jacob says

    Hi,I am an 8 year old skier ⛷ and I am excited for the new lift. I hope that there won’t be any delays in construction because I want to
    Ride it. I’m overexciting myself I heard that upper thruway and lower thruway and other trails will be upgraded or something’ bye

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