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  1. No motor/No money says

    The tree huggers hood winked the snowmobilers into backing the rail trail. Anyone surprised. Now they are going to knife them in the back like they did the Atv community.

  2. Robin DeLoria says

    Typical of the Adirondack Explorer to use a “stock photo” of a trail that holds a conservation easement by DEED, and will not fall into the murky category the Explorer is attempting to create. And your editors may wonder why many of the Adirondack towns will not place ad in your magazine, so you can use their money to promote your propaganda.

  3. Cuomosucks says

    Bauer should have been run out of town years ago… hes a scumbag carpetbagger… get a couple hundred snowmobilers to go out with their qiads and volunteer for the tree cutting program… free labor is a state favorite

  4. Vanessa B says

    Omfg this is never gonna end. All opinions aside – does the DEC have an attorney with constitutional law experience? They’ve got opinions but can they stand by them legally? The taxpayer dollars to hire a competent lawyer before you get sued surely outweigh the dollars spent defending a policy in court.

    I’m not gonna comment on Protect’s opinions here yet – surely we’ll have future comments sections for this! 😉 – but one hopes for all our sakes the DEC learns that they’re just one branch of government. Please hire an attorney that worked on this case to give you legal advice before proceeding further, folks. It would be hard to make this discussion more tedious than it already is, but repeating history would fit the bill!

  5. Mike V says

    I grew up in NNY but now live in Asheville, NC. Last week while on the Blue Ridge Parkway (which has become a tourist lifeline for communities along it) I thought to myself “This would never be allowed to be built today”. Some very forward thinking people 75+ years ago realized that there can be a balance between nature and supporting the local economy. I wish the Protect people would think longer term than only what happens if a few trees are cut down. NNY is slowly eroding into nothing and adding a small degree of commerce to help out might be a better form of leadership.

  6. Eric says

    You can’t even trust these “tree” numbers now so stop quoting them. If you see Peter Bauer saying “600 trees” it’s probably more like 10. And then 590 sprigs that will never mature to adulthood whether the DEC removes them or not. We need more parking in a LOT of places. Is this guy going to fight the DEC every time they try to bring our parking situation out of the 1930s? Who keeps giving this guy money?

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