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  1. Pablo Rodriguez says

    Story doesn’t say anything about the very high prices charged at The Mountaineer. Will they be lowered to a more reasonable level?

    • Balian the Cat says

      Good gear costs money, works better, and lasts longer. Invest in yourself and the community. The northcountry/dollarstore mantra gets really old.

  2. Dave Miller-NJ says

    Adirondacks is my favorite place in the world (At ALL times of the year). Cannot go to Lake Placid or the High Peaks or the Lakes without stopping at the Mountaineer !
    Iv’e introduced quite a few people to the area, which starts with the ride up Rt 73 AND then the stop at the Mountaineer! I’ve surprised my wife with gifts such as the really great wool blankets they stock upstairs, & countless other things. They even took an order over the phone for me & left the bear canister in the back for us to pick up after hours. Knowledgeable/Helpful staff & they only carry quality products. I have their sticker/logo on my car-rack. Only 2-kinds of outdoors people: Those that have been to the Mountaineer & those that should go! I wish the store many more decades of success & will continue to make it part of every trip up that way.

  3. Billy says

    We were the next door neighbors, across John’s Brook. Watched the store being built, and spent a lot of great times with George and Jane, as well with Sid & Kay.
    All the best to both families,
    Bill & Heidi

    Now living the dream in the wilds of Montana.

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