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  1. shawn smith says:

    I love your article of the monarch. I live in cornwall ontario. We are also concerned about the pollinaters. I’ve noticed this year the decline of monarch butterflies and I also keep milkweed protected on my property and we have a conservation park and the main office in our city of cornwall. My main reason of writing to you is the milkweed seed packets and how to get some packets for our area. please send me some info and how to start a monarch and other pollinaters protection program so we can get started on this’ thank you, shawn smith

  2. Well written and balanced presentation on monarchs.

  3. barbara smith says:

    we have a small area of milkweed that started growing in one of my flower gardens last year. Last year we had just a few larvae and 3 monarchs that emerged. This year we have had more than 40 larvae with 18 already emerged. The balance are still in the pupa stage. I will let the milkweed spread even more next year and we are very excited to be part of this experience.

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