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  1. M.P.Heller says

    The article lists Sheep’s Meadow Bay as being in the Town of Hague. It is not, nor is it even in the same county. Also later in the article the author conflates the names of the LGA and LGPC into an non-existant entity titled “Park Association”.

    • Melissa Hart says

      All fixed, thanks for pointing that out. We are actually in the process of sorting out the Sheep Meadow location, as the application clearly states town of Hague….

      • M.P. Heller says

        Almost all fixed. Blairs Bay, Hague, west side, Warren County. Sheep Meadow Bay, Dresden, east side, Washington County.

        • Melissa Hart says

          Received further clarification from Dave Wicks at the Lake George Park Commission. The jurisdiction for both sites is town of Hague, as the town boundaries encompass under the water too. Both sites are on the east side of the lake. Thanks again!

  2. M.P. Heller says

    Sheep’s Meadow is located just to the south of Huletts Landing hamlet. The bay might just be an informal local name as there are way too many bays and coves on Lake George for them all to be named, there is also a street with the same name, again just to the south of the hamlet.

  3. Big Burly says

    Short of requiring all waters in and around the Blue Line to be motorless, eurasian watermilfoil may not ever be eradicated no matter how big and varied the toolbox. I for one do not believe motorless would be well received.

  4. SusannaDanna says

    It is unsettling to think of applying a toxic herbicide to public drinking water. I guess we must just hope that the application stays put and is mostly absorbed by the victim plant, with the rest being diluted and dissipated, and that the application won’t have to be repeated and repeated and repeated….
    With the pesticide foxes guarding the FDA chicken coup, trusting gov’t regulators is a risky business these days.

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