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  1. Steve B. says

    Arguably a more important privately owned piece of property is the Ambersand Lake property that I believe is owned by the Rockefeller family. South of Saranac Lake it’s a huge hole in the High Peaks wilderness. Not as large as the Whitney estate but in a sensitive area.

  2. Pat B says

    The next “fight”? This provocatively titled article indicates that an adversarial tone against the landowners is a foregone conclusion. Mrs. Whitney has been gone barely 60 days and I find it insensitive and presumptive to indicate there will be a fight.

  3. Paul says

    It sounds like they have zero interested in selling, nor has the state have funds to buy it, and certainly not funds to maintain it. If you have been paying attention this summer it’s obvious that the state cannot mange what they have. Everyone agrees there. What is the story here? The lady dies and people swoop in like there are no heirs?

  4. Rowena O Gordon says

    I was born 1943 in Big Tupper, lived at the Francis Camp with my Family for 6 Years. my father John Francis was manager of the saw mill during the war years. his father George M Francis was C.V. Whitney’s personal secretary and head of Whitney industries and was given life estate at the Francis Camp… The Camp left a huge impact on me s a child of this wilderness. My family continued to have summer visits for years after we moved to north Jersey, I have written a story of a childhood experience on the lake which describes my love of the woods, boathouse camp, fly fishing etc. I was a photographer and went back in the 90’s to document the camp. I took my mother Rowena back with me, She was slowing loosing her mind and I wanted to give her one last memory of Camp cause she loved life there
    As much as me…She ran the dog team across the lake for food supplies in winter.cracked an ice hole to get water every day so it wouldn’t get to thick. She was a real pioneer woman. I took black and white archival pictures which I can send to somebody. and I’ll send my story off if someone wants to read it…Rowena (jr) Francis Gordon

  5. Matthew Carter says

    Without evidence they are interested in selling the land.. who are you “fighting”? I’m sure you would love a canoe trip the area but have some respect to the current owners. It isn’t yours to take, it is theirs to give.

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