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4 Responses

  1. David. Knapp says:

    The idea that Democrats would oppose this program is ludicrous to me !

  2. Dana Rohleder says:

    When ticks are sampled, are all species tested?

    Are deer ticks still considered the only carrier of Lyme?

  3. Frank G says:

    So let me get this right….no funding available for a tick monitoring program because of a budget deficit…

    And how much did the state just spend on upgrading rest stop welcome centers around the region? I seem to recall tens of millions of dollars for some of these masterpieces.

    C’mon Democrats, I know you can get your priorities straight.

  4. Allan G. says:

    I am registered as Dom, I wrote my Rep senator, George Amedore, asking him to appeal for bipartisan support for this project. Dems have generally been in the lead on this sort of thing, so hearing that funding would be denied is surprising.

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