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Tom French splits his time between the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands from his home in Potsdam. More information about his writing can be found at Tom-French.net.

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  1. Ron Turbide says

    This article brings back so many memories for me. In the year that I was born, 1939, my parents purchased land at the extreme NW end of Loon Lake. We built a camp there and many weekends were spent exploring the area. Being from Plattsburgh, it only took about 45 min to get to the camp. Several of my uncles built camps close to ours so it became a family affair. My dad had an opportunity to meet Mrs. Chase in the early 30s. Great times.

    • Tom French says

      Hello Jason — Thanks for reading the article and commenting. It was a fun place to visit and write about. Great history.

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