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  1. Mike says

    With laws that now require LED lights, light pollution is now a very serious problem. The article does mention that lights do attract other species but not the effects and not the fact that LEDs are the issue. Insect populations are being decimated by LEDs causing food shortages for birds. Pointing and shielding LED light down does nothing to protect insect population. Typical of NYS, Lights Out Initiative is a classic too little too late feel good solution. While flying cars still seem like a fantasy, according to ALEF they may not be. Wont thousands of LEDs flying around be great for bird migration?! NY will have a solution, no night car flying initiative one day in the fall and one in the spring.

    • Boreas says

      All LEDs should not be lumped into one basket. Any light that produces an emission spectrum rich in blue/violet (cold) light tends to be harmful to to small organisms. Indiscriminate use of these types of lights should be discouraged outdoors. But most lighting – including LED lights – is available that produce a “warm” light (yellow/amber) that are not as harmful/disruptive to wildlife. They should be a first choice for use outdoors. But people need to be educated that such options exist, including less light, motion-activated lights, and NO light. End-users can drive demand, manufacturing, and legislation if properly educated and motivated. But until then, industry will likely push the brightest, whitest lighting it can foist onto consumers.

      • Mike says

        Yes, they should be lumped into one basket and No, no one will bother getting a lighting education. Box stores aren’t offering special yellow/amber LEDs. Contractors and homeowners want cheap and bright. They dont tend to be harmful to small organisms. They ARE harmful to a lot of organisms.

  2. Jenn Sigmon says

    This is not a new problem, perhaps first time you have heard it, but anyone that follows Audubon or Cornell has known about the problem of light pollution. So many light their homes our of vanity “look at me”. It’s silly. I want to see the stars and I don’t wish to do harm to wildlife.

  3. Robin Hetrick says

    They need to take the lights down. The wildlife should come first. That is so stupid! And yes, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and it just pisses me off. I understand cats kill birds too, but that’s nature. All animals kill some kind of animal. People can try to help and keep their cats inside like I do. The lights need to come down. It needs to stop.

  4. Chris Maron says

    LED lights are the major problem. Sure, they save energy but they need to be dimmed. We all drive and the LED light make driving dangerous. Beyond that, the effects on birds and wildife is incalculable.

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