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  1. Vanessa B says

    This is cool, much much better than multimillion dollar homes, which is what the rest of that land is used for. I often call this the “best view in the state of ny.” Would love to walk a trail there someday – hope it happens. 🙂

  2. Richard Daly says

    Mike, A good informative thorough read , as usual. I always stop on (73) going to/from MicroPolitanPlattsburgh to show people ‘from away’ that view. Thanks! Let’s hope this project goes well; unlike the deployment of fully-compatible EV-chargers or more non-obtrusive cell-towers. BTW: Shield on (73) map is for a US Route. It’s a NY Rte and should appear on our unique shield, not used by other ‘Lesser-than-Empire’ States. 😉

  3. Jeanne says

    Spectacular view!! Gives you such a warm, exciting feeling!! So happy for this Adirondack Land Trust! Please NO cell towers !!

  4. Sid Buck says

    My first time taking in this view was in August of 1954. Every season brings such a different perspective. I hope one day to have a look in the Fall!
    Thank you all for your efforts to preserve this treasure.

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