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Zachary Matson has been an environmental reporter for the Explorer since October 2021. He is focused on the many issues impacting water and the people, plants and wildlife that rely on it in the Adirondack Park. Zach worked at daily newspapers in Missouri, Arizona and New York for nearly a decade, most recently working as the education reporter for six years at the Daily Gazette in Schenectady.

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  1. John says

    So you all have decided to trade one disaster fir another,where do you think all the dead decaying plant life goes,it sinks to the bottom of your lake and helps destroy the lake bottoms ecosystem, this seams to be tge answer to all the state agencies, we have forever chemicals in the air,so why not poison our waters,dint know about you but no matter how many studies they have done there isn’t any in my eyes good fir our planet

  2. Phil says

    The invasive plants eventually die off anyway, but it is hoped that they only die once and then are gone. This ProcellaCOR is highly selective and has minimal impact on native plants. We can now see how well it does in Lake Luzerne and learn from the results. This should prove ProcellaCOR’s efficacy against Eurasian Milfoil. It is amazing that 3.86 parts per billion of anything can be so effective.

  3. Nathan says

    The whole point of forever wild is it is to be the safeist place for life to exist. That nature is as intended. A lifebout that is safe for all plants, animals,insects the very natural world…. Not poisoned at a convienance, or a test bed for unknown long term consequences.
    APA again goes against the very mandate of protecting the Adirondack park and to use poison with the park with unknown long term consequences. In 10-20 years will we find out it causes cancer? kills insect life along rivers, streams? Gets concentrated in fish and cause cancer in people? wipes out trout in 20 years. What if it kills midge larve in streams, then ripples to dragonflies starve, birds, fish?

    Herbicide gets used time after time slowly building up in the ground water, animal fats.
    We have already something as simple as salt being a problem in water used to de-ice roads. let’s roll the dice on even worse things?
    A Long list of chemicals used and thought safe until decades later, DDT, PCB’s, roundup, 2,4,D, Atrazine, Teflon and by-probucts, ect. They persist for decades or much longer. DDT was the wonder bug killer, almost wiped out condors, eagles, all large birds in North Amereica, over 70 years later it is still found in the body fats of penquins in Antartica where it was never used within 1,000 miles.
    YES!!! Please use the Adirondacks as a long term guina pig and all the people, animals, microbiota as a test. forget forever wild at a whim and dump poison and see what happens. we can always create a new preserve right?
    APA needs to be over hauled for failure in its very bylaws of protecting the adirondacks and the nature preserve. Approving again a chemical with huge outrage over previous APA approval.
    “If a chemical kills something, it can’t be good for everything else.”
    Instead lets make real effort to stop spread of milfoil to other lakes.
    The whole point of forever wild is it is to be the safeist place for life to exist. That nature is as intended, not poisoned where convienant, or a test bed for unknown consequences, but preserved as a role model, to save all life within it’s borders”

    • James says

      So let an invasive species brought in by some idiot who doesn’t know how to clean his boat just choke it out and turn it into a green mat? That’s not “as nature intended” and the forever wild designation doesn’t mean you think it does.

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