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  1. Phil Fitzpatrick says

    This is good news. I don’t think that anyone knows how many African American families lived and had orchards near this brook which was first named “N—-r Brook” on turn of the century maps.

    • Rich Kamm says

      Hi Jacqueline:
      We all know and agree that what a bunch of A H’s that used that symbol did was a reprehensible act. But that symbol goes back, way back in history. It started in India, I believe, and it has been used as a good luck symbol, a little ironic when you consider how it was used in WW 2. Let it be and think of it as an old good luck symbol.

  2. willard adams says

    Just keep changing things you think most of us don’t want changed. When did we need a diversity officer to push an agenda in the north country. Go back to NYC with all your wokest.

    • Lori says

      I agree. Chalk up another one for the “cancel culture!”. If you don’t like history change it. Have it your way.

  3. Vanessa B says

    Excellent. Really glad the local community is leading this charge. Accomplishes the dual goal of welcoming visitors, and teaching cool history 🙂

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