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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Boreas says

    I have always considered the Town of Jay to be THE most picturesque Town in the Park. Although likely impossible, It would be nice to have marked bike lanes either added or adjacent to the critical highways. Rubbernecking motorists and cyclists sharing the same real estate is rarely a good thing.

  2. Bridget K. Williams says

    I just did a great loop riding north on 9N toward Ausable Forks, over on Stickney Bridge and looping back around to 86, and then back to the Acres, about 15 miles all in.

  3. Lawrence Van Garrett says

    We used to routinely road bike ride in the Wilmington, Jay and Placid area but stopped due to the poor quality of the road(potholes and lack of a wide enough shoulder.) We even stopped participating in the “Iditaride” bike event two years ago that loops from Gore, to Speculator, Indian Lake and then back to Gore due to the absolutely horrible roads. Who wants to ride their $3K to $10K bike and destroy it due to the lack of attention to the roads by the road commissioner? As awesome the views are, the road conditions which are fixable, make it a complete unsafe endeavor.

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