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  1. Bob says

    Want to solve the problem? Ban vacation rentals outright. Build more multi story hotels to house tourists. This is more land efficient. There is only so much Adirondack land that can be developed. Tax non primary homes at a much higher rate. If it is not your primary domicile where you live 180+ days per year then you pay much more. Double? Triple? Tax high value homes at a more progressive rate. Increase the tax rate per assessed value as the value climbs. This means not just you pay more as your home is worth more which already occurs but the tax rate is higher as the home reaches different value thresholds. Like income tax is progressive. Allow and encourage denser multistory development in town and village centers.

    Housing in this community should be first and foremost for those who live and work in this community. Visitors can stay in hotels. Residents need homes.

    I have no faith anyone in power will take my advice.

    • Rob says

      Trying to figure out how banning all STR’s will solve this issue. And why should people who have camps and summer homes pay double or triple in taxes??

  2. Rob says

    How will banning all rentals stop this??? And why should owners of summer homes or camps pay double or triple in taxes???

  3. Bob says

    Because there are only so many housing units available in our community. There is not an endless supply of developable land here. Working class and middle class people who work for a living do not earn a high enough wage in our community to afford housing in our community. Workers are being priced out and leaving the area. Families are leaving the area and school enrollments are down. Businesses are struggling to find workers. Happy to hear your ideas but as I see it either entry level wages need to be at least tripled so workers can afford housing in close proximity to their workplace 30 minutes? or housing prices need to come down. By banning vacation rentals and increasing the taxes on summer homes you decrease the demand for non primary housing and supply increases and the prices come down. Alternatively pay workers a lot more so they can compete with the wealthy tourists but we all know that wont happen. Do you have some solutions or are you just going to complain about mine?

    • Rob says

      No not going to complain about yours. You being up valid points.
      BesidesMy mom grew up in the ADK. Her and my father lived there after my grandparents passed. My dad was transferred to the Syracuse area for work but they kept the place to get away on the weekends and vacation. It is not used as a short term rental. It is occupied every weekend by someone in our family during the summer months, in the fall during hunting season and during the winter months for snowmobiling or skiing. Eventually it could end up being someone’s retirement place. Just have a hard time thinking they should be taxed double or triple because it is not a primary residence.
      Real estate has gotten crazy all around the country, not just in the park. If people were to be taxed double and triple and people were to sell that is not going to lower the cost of the property. That is what it is.
      A majority of the neighbors around are place aren’t even from this state. Most are from NJ or Connecticut. Not sure how you can stop people from having second homes in the park.

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