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  1. Bob Martin says

    I totally agree about the apps not being a replacement mapandcompass (should be 1 word) and the skill to use them. I only want to say I’ve used Gaia and OnXHunt for hunting in the backcountry and OnXHunt deserves a look to anyone interested in such things.

  2. Nagaraj says

    It is a very good article. I am using GPS Tools (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VirtualMaze.gpsutils) app which is very useful for all the users who are using GPS based utilities especially trekking people.
    It is collection of all GPS based tools, all-in-one app. In that app Trekking Pro feature is nice where we can access the tools need needed for trekking at one place.
    We can import and review GPX files. Lot of features like compass, level meter, weather, gps alarm etc,. I hope you will try that app once.

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