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  1. Rob says

    I still don’t get the point of the Essex County Shuttle. It doesn’t stop at either AMR or the Loj. It stops at the Ridge trailhead but parking hasn’t been an issue there on all but the busiest days. Why does it bother stopping at Roostercomb when the other end of the GRT is at the Loj and it doesn’t stop there?

  2. Boreas says

    Is it just me, or is it a bad idea to get people hooked on FREE shuttles, only to start charging somewhere in the future?? Isn’t that essentially the big fight now – paying for our recreation infrastructure when we didn’t in the past?

    We all know those shuttles are far from free to operate. Vehicle cost/maintenence, fuel, parking infrastructure, drivers, etc. all cost money. I don’t feel the cost should be borne by general taxpayers from NYS coffers, but at least a significant portion by users. Any EXCESS profits can be put toward stewardship or trail funds. Even an inexpensive annual shuttle pass would be better than free – which is just a bad idea if we want to protect the Park. NYS is providing the playground, but people need to realize that infrastructure is not free. The more infrastructure we demand, the more users should be willing to contribute for that convenience.

    • Billy says

      Probably since people didn’t pay in the past either. They simply parked where they wanted to hike and then went hiking.

      Since it was the state that didn’t want people parking where the trails are (due to causing issues with parking along the road), they are offering this shuttle at no charge to users, since there was never a charge before.

      No one specifically demanded that these shuttles exist, it was the state not wanting people to park that caused the need for them.

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