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  1. After hoasting Mr. Dadey on one of his many scouting missions for the Hut to Hut concept, I am more convinced than ever ; it ain’t going to work. There are way too many pieces creating a logistic nightmare. Sure, every business ( like ours ) are here to welcome with open doors those who come, but for someone to manage these trippers consistently enough to be ” something” , I don’t know. We discussed the pros of the rail trail vs the cons of the Hut-to-Hut and I don’t think either of us was very moved. Bottom line (my favorite) I can make what I want of the trail, it is THE attraction. The other requires grant studies, managers, guides ancillary transportations

  2. Ed Burke says:

    I’ve spent many nights in huts and hostels and not sure the economics pass the smell test here. I admit being jaded by the hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money the state has provided this group to “inventory and map existing trails and related lodging” most of which which are marked on topos and a click away on Google. As a taxpayer I hope this program doesn’t get locked in the ‘paralysis of analysis’ and put on grant-funded life support. The buildout of Airbnb and Uber platforms may be better suited for many travelers/trekkers who use those elsewhere and may offer a better chance for residents of Adirondack villages and hamlets to earn much-appreciated dollars and boost their local economies.

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